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In June, we feature our Siletz River Drums: compact and full of flavor. These tasty cheeses are made with fresh pasteurized goat's milk and get their creamy consistency from the delicate cultured curd we ladle by hand into each individual traditional French cheese mold. Lightly salted and ripened over several weeks, these cheeses gradually develop a soft and silky texture within their rinds.


When young, our Siletz River Drums are easily sliced into wedges or rounds, and have a smooth consistency and slightly tangy flavor. Enjoy the first days of summer with this picnic lunch:

   - a selection of sliced cured meats (try finocchiona, a Tuscan

     salami with fennel seeds, or a thin-sliced artisanal ham)

   - several young Siletz River Drums

   - fresh seasonal fruits (enjoy the last of the strawberries!)

   - a salad of the first young zucchini, marinated in lemon juice

     and olive oil with lots of cracked black pepper and coarse salt

   - a good, hearty bread

Once these cheeses are fully ripened, the interior will be almost completely liquid inside the rind. We recommend that you cut the top off of the cheese as shown here - the rind forms a bowl containing the delicious cheese inside.

Average weight: 4 ounces*

*Note: Because we hand-ladle and hand-pack our cheeses,
          the individual weights will vary.

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