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A fiery orange line streaks through this luscious cheese beneath its coating of ash.

♫ 2010 ACS Annual Cheese Competition 3rd Place Winner!
♫ 2009 World Cheese Awards Silver Award Winner!

♫ 2008 ADGA Cheese Competition 1st in Category Winner!
♫ 2008 ACS Annual Cheese Competition 2nd Place Winner!
♫ 2008 WCMA World Competition 2nd Place Winner! 
♫ 2007 ADGA Cheese Competition 3rd Place Winner!

Our featured cheese for October, Sunset Bay blends the best of all possible worlds - the smoky edge of imported Spanish pimentón paprika, the moderating influence of the edible vegetable ash on the rind, and of course the dense, creamy goat's-milk bloomy rind cheese that we love to make (and eat!) every week.

Pimentón gets its distinctive flavor from the curing process, as the ripe peppers harvested at the end of summer are dried in October over oakwood fires. The dried peppers are ground to produce the dark red, flavorful powder. We order pimentón from our local natural foods grocery store.

Our Sunset Bay ages for three weeks, absorbing the essence of the pimentón and the edible vegetable ash that coats the rind (an echo of the oakwood fires in Spain) before being wrapped for sale. As the cheese continues to ripen, the interior changes from a smooth, dense paste to a silky cream.

This medium-large wheel is stunning when sliced for serving, and stores well when wrapped in its original packaging.

Average weight: 2 pounds*

*Note: Because we hand-ladle and hand-pack our cheeses, the individual weights will vary.

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