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It's been a while since we updated the web site! We are making cheese now in our new facility and needless to say it is keeping us very busy.

Here is a link to a show they did about making farmstead cheese here.....enjoy!

Thank you for your interest in our dairy goats. We participate in the standard test program DHIR - 20. For the past 2 and a half years it has been in fits and starts due to our building projects. This coming year we will be back at it again with a new milk parlor and hopefully a pipeline system with in line milk meters for test day ( my fingers are crossed! ). 

I have served NWDGHIA as vice president and as director since about 1992. I have also been a board member of Oregon State DHIA at present I serve on Willamette DHIA board, and the California Dairy Goat Advisory Committee. This is my third year as one of ADGA’s District VII Directors. I have been an active member of the ADGA Production Testing Committee and Sire Development Committee. Alpines International performance programs have been a pet volunteer project for around 6 years.To say the very least, I am dedicated to DHI testing. The integrity and accuracy of our milk records are of utmost importance to us, at Three Ring Farm.

The herd has participated in Linear Appraisal eight times since 1989. We have had the Herd Evaluation Service done four times in the last 11 years ( with many of the same animals ). Having had both Peggy and her father, Harvey, evaluating the animals we have been pleased at how accurate and similar from year to year it has been. I must admit I am totally impressed by the absolute accuracy of the HES program. I urge everyone to indulge themselves with the experience of this evaluation service.

I am very proud of our does, and delighted with their accomplishments through the years. You can imagine the elation we feel over the Alpine Breed Leaders list for 1997 and 2002! We have bred three does that have been number one for milk production , Three Ring Farm Pied in 1994 and Three Rings ZBO Sophie in 1997. In 1997 there were five Beaux daughters and a grand daughter on the list. In 1998 Three Rings Queen Zyda was listed for her second time and Three Rings Flutterbye qualified for the protein list for the first time. A Beaux daughter in another herd made the list for milk, butterfat and protein as well. Three Rings ZBO Thimble was listed for butterfat in 1999. Three Rings M. Bijou joined our other Breed Leaders in 2000. We were pleased that Beaux also had a daughter present on the 2000 Breed Leaders List , Coach Farms Cheverific! Her qualifying lactation in that extremely large commercial dairy was 2-09  305  4277  3.6%  154  2.8%  118 , as a yearling she milked 3345 lbs. The milk year of 2001 was exceptionally good for the herd, with FIVE (Bijou, Manatee, Soliloquy, Minerva & Dragonfly) of our does on the 2001 Breed Leaders List! Offspring of our animals are represented on the current ADGA Breed Leaders list through Full Moon’s son *B Three Rings Chopin, owned by Lily Lyon of Wisconsin.

Please check out how AWESOME the does did at this link  TOP TEN WINNERS!
Also check out how some of the girls do in the show ring for other owners
Show Winners

When you read through the individual information on the does in our herd please note that many of these fine does have been included on the Breed Leaders lists numerous times through the years. Our does have a long history of high milk production with excellent milk quality, which I feel is an exceptionally important aspect when looking for stock with genetics to produce milk. Since 1991 when we joined NWDGHIA we have been pleased with the records our does have produced. Fir  Ridge RMS Ernestine was our first Breed Leader in 1993 for a lactation produced in 1992 she had two herd mates that year which each produced over 4,000 lbs. of milk but did not make the list. In the years since 1993, the does from Three Ring Farm have accumulated more than 50 Top Ten Awards in Milk, Butterfat and Protein. We are, of course, very proud of them!

 Our approach to herd management is pretty straight forward. We feed the best quality alfalfa hay we can obtain, year round. The does are fed grain according to their production and body fleshing. A variety of minerals are available to them at all times. Our goats have a large area of natural coastal mountain browse to supplement their diets and in which to frolic.

ORDERING: A $100.00 deposit will reserve a kid that is for sale, the first deposit received assures first choice on that kid. Please make a second choice as well. The price of the kid includes delivery to the Portland International Airport. It does not included the cost of vet check, possible blood tests, health certificate, shipping crate, or shipping cost. Delta Airlines, Dash and Delta Air Express are the most cost effective and service oriented within our experience. We reserve the option to purchase up to 25 units of semen for the cost of collection on any buck we sell (done by the time the buck is 3 years old ). If it is at all possible, you are certainly welcome to pick up your kid at the farm. There is overnight lodging close by.

Adult animals prices are quoted for pick up at the farm!

Purchasing a kid is a very exciting venture and I will help you as much as possible to pick out a kid that suits your needs, whether it is to be a new herd sire or a future milker. Give me a call (541-444-1362), drop me a line or e-mail  me with any questions you may have. And again, Thank You, for your interest in our herd!

We will have a few doe kids and the majority of the buck kids for sale this spring. We have been building our Farmstead Cheese Facility this winter with production to start hopefully by the end of March. We have worked many years toward this goal. We started with the idea of breeding for does with the potential of high quality, heavy milk production with a general appearance that was appealing to us. The main idea being we could breed for “a” doe that would milk like 3 and there by cut down on the numbers we would have to keep for milk production. We have managed to breed healthy, care free does does that consistently milk in the 3,000 lb. to 4,000+ lb. range that are appealing in appearance to us and hopefully to you as well.  We are still working on producing the doe that can milk like 3………… but, I think we’ve done pretty well so far.

Pat Morford  

Three Ring Farm                      
6315 Logsden Road
Logsden, Oregon  97357

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